It is not your job to find the specific legal area for your question, problem or experience. We will take care of it. Whether it is an individual everyday question, or a specific question from the leader of a company, we find answers and solutions. We then ensure the involvement of relevant experts or specialists. No one succeeds alone, so we work as a team together with you.

Natural persons:

We are aware that the experiences, contentious relationships, and issues of our clients are very personal and intimate in nature. So it is essential for us that the client trusts us and feels safe with us, that they know they are in good hands.


The interests, desires and goals of individuals that come to us function as our guide, and our task is to find a way to achieve the outcomes our clients need.

We provide legal advice, assistance, support and representation in the following areas:

  • Corporate law
  • Business law
  • Labour law
  • Contract law
  • Real estate law
  • Compensation law
  • Enforcement law
  • Dedno in družinsko pravo
  • Davčno pravo
  • Insolvenčno pravo
  • Upravno pravo
  • Stvarno pravo
  • Prekrškovno pravo
  • Pravo intelektualne lastnine

Simple answers to many complex questions can be found through the eyes of a f(law)less expert. There is always a solution; you just have to start looking for it.